When I was growing up portraits were a kind of forced torture that everyone had to endure. The photographer was usually a dour fellow more focused on his camera and equipment than his subjects. Fortunately those days are over we now know that great portraits are the outcome of good relationships between the front and back of the camera. In my portrait sessions I love to have fun with people and I 

My most favorite family photographs are the ones where I can feel the personalities jumping off the page. My goal for all my portrait sessions is to capture these kinds of images. I photograph children of all ages, families of all sizes, and offer different versions of my family sessions. A Basic Family Session lasts about an hour and will give you lots of variety and location options. Shorter sessions are available during my Portrait Events for people like me that can’t stay still for more than 15 minutes. Last, but not least, there is the Family Time Session — an extended session that captures a big part of your day loaded with fun activities and unique moments.