A New State of Energy

I was invited to photograph the Appalachian Energy Summit last month when leaders from across the state of North Carolina and beyond gathered to discuss, brainstorm and ponder practical new pathways towards energy sustainability. The summit opened with a Leadership Luncheon in a wonderfully geometrically charged room!

Two of the summit's globally recognized speakers Amory Lovins and Robert F. Kennedy met before leading the room into meaningful discussion.

The theme for the summit this year was "A New State of Energy," and my mission was to photograph the 3 day event and ALSO create a slideshow to play at the closing plenary session of the summit. This meant pulling a true "All-Nighter," in order to process, select and develop the images that would comprise the slideshow and best represent each rich event within the summit. And of course, setting it to some jaunty music and rhythmically timing the images. My goal was to capture a little "Lightning-in-a-Bottle," and express the electric feeling that was so evident throughout the 3 inspiring days. Click on the image below to watch.

This was an amazing event to shoot, the atmosphere throughout the summit was energized with hope and humor. I want to thank visionary leader Ged Moody for providing a space designed to nurture creativity, connections, and offer real hope in an often times bleak climate change landscape. And thanks also to his wonderful team for their support driving my assistant and I between buildings and raindrops in mad-cap style.