Morning Harvest at Against the Grain Farm

Last Friday on a foggy August morning I arrived at Against the Grain Farm hoping to capture some of the harvest and Farmers Market preparations. Andy was already out and about feeding the various animals and I caught up with him as he filled two large drums of water for the hogs.

We then hopped in his truck and motored up behind a wooded knoll to where the hogs were stationed. They quickly emerged from their shelter and curiously snuffled in the air - probably wondering who the heck I was and why was I making strange clicking sounds!

Andy poured some grain into their trough and their curiosity vanished in a storm of morning hunger.


The morning was rapidly clearing and a patch of blue sky had opened over Tater Hill as we caught up with Holly coaxing the goats from their cozy barn.


The goats approached me cautiously but seemed very sweet-natured and curious - perhaps detecting the smell of my dogs - or maybe just me?

Holly described their goats as a mixed herd comprised of Saanens, Alpines and Nubians.

We then went into the barn to see a newborn that had been birthed the night before. He was a teeny little guy that could barely stand but his Mama helped him to his feet to suckle. I had to dial the shutter speed way down on my camera to even get a shot in this darkened corner of the barn - hence the slight blur, but I was too mesmerized to care.


Then it was out to the crop fields to harvest carrots with the two interns Derrick and Heather. Carefully making their way down the rows they quickly pulled handfuls of bright orange roots from the earth.


And then it was back to the sheds for for a good hose down.

By this point Andy and Holly were out culling kale and chard stalks in a colorful leafy field.


A light rain started to fall so I ducked into a hoop house to enjoy the warm tomato friendly climate.

I enjoy each and every adventure shooting photography on our local farms but there was something very moving about this particular journey. Perhaps it was the sweet-natured animals? Or maybe the young enthusiastic interns hosing down carrots to the sounds of Ray Lamontagne on the radio? I don't know exactly just one of those extraordinary mornings you get to experience once in a while. Thanks Andy and Holly - and good luck with little one on the way!