Apple Blossoms on Brushy Mountain

On Easter Sunday I traveled up to Moravian Falls to spend some time with orchardist Tom Lowe. I hoped to capture a few good images of the Spring apple blossom. Tom is a long time vendor of Watauga County Farmers Market and a deep resource of wisdom concerning fruit tree cultivation in the High Country.

We bombed around the orchard on Tom's Quad bike inspecting the various groves and rows.

Basically I hung on for dear life!

Tom showed me the peach trees that were hit by a late April frost and tragically not likely to fruit this season.

And then we were among the Apple blossom.

We climbed a ladder or two for trimming purposes.


And enjoyed the view.

I promised to return in the Fall to capture the apple harvest. And I can't wait for the snap of that first apple that I usually share with my wife in our booth, next our good neighbor Tom Lowe of Brushy Mountain Farm and Orchard.