Four-Legged and Feathered Mornings

I journeyed up to Elk Creek, Virginia twice in the last few weeks in an effort to photograph some new born lambs and piglets. Mark and Dawn Rhudy run the beautiful five generation Mountain Memories Farm. Turning into their drive way at 7am (BEFORE feeding time) you are greeted by a hungry and clucking barrage of hens.

Then the real madness begins as Mark readies the feed and pours it amongst the anxiously following beaks.

Up next are the beautiful adult pigs.

And then a Mama Hog who reluctantly leaves her week old piglets to feed.

The Piglets nuzzle and frolic during Mama's absence.


We leave the bristley Mama with her newborns suckling in the dark of the stable.

Off to the fields to feed the sheep and young lambs. Mark points out a mother with her days old triplets in tow.

The truck is quickly surrounded by hungry bleating mouths which Mark obliges tossing handfuls of nourishing hay bale.

A black sheep rises above the drove.

The lambs stay close to mama as the herd munches.

Mark keeps a keen eye open though as some lambs stray further a field.

The little ones settle down for a snooze in the sun after the feed.

I am immensely grateful to Mark and Dawn Rhudy for inviting me out to spend time with their four-legged and feathered family - not to mention providing me a classic Appalachian Farm breakfast I will remember for years to come with surely some of the best baked biscuits on the planet. Oh and the eggs, the Eggs!