Applehouses of the North Carolina High Country

I recently enjoyed a visit with Tom Lowe, a 5th Generation apple grower and friend from the Watauga County Farmers Market. He was interested in documenting the Apple Houses of Ashe County that in recent years have begun to fall into disrepair. They are great buildings, a little haunted by age some even literally disappearing into the landscape itself.

It was a cold and bright Winter day as Tom drove me around the orchard lined hills of Ashe County. So I thought I would attempt some HDR bracketing to capture the gnarled woody details of each structure.


My thanks to Tom for sharing his day with me. I promised to return in Spring to capture his orchards in bloom. You can find apples, corn and other edibles grown by Brushy Mountain Farms and Orchard at the Watauga County Farmers Market in Boone.